Music and sound effects for games and apps

Grigory Danilov

Nikita Kudakov

Dimitriy Vinogradov

Sound design project group `Danilov sound´ has been in Frankfurt on the Main (Germany) since 2011. We got involved in 150 projects and more during that time.

The mainstay is composing and creating sound effects for mobile games and applications. Moreover, we wrote more than a hundred of adaptations of musical compositions and recorded sounds for about ten videos.

At process we pay great attention to the quality and clearness of sound. Our music creates the required atmosphere, effects imitate reality and voices tell own tales.

As we are in the center of Europe, we work with speakers of different ages and native German, English, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Greek and Russian people.

Our clients are from Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, India and USA. Power of sound and effective decision making for a specific task make `Danilov sound´ your right partner in audio design.